Comprehensive services, aconsistent service.

Investors look for opportunities, then seek to gain reassurance. You may have cultivated your own heritage over time, and we help you to plot new investment journeys. Yet we also give you freedom if you only need one aspect of our service, we are happy to oblige.

Due diligence

Details matter. We read between the lines, ensure the sums add up and assess the bigger picture. Providing you with a full company due diligence service helps to ensure a confident start to your journey.

Due diligence is a comprehensive audit of all fundamentals of a potential investee company. We take a view of identifying all the risks, flaws, and reasons not to invest in a venture.

Areas audited range from stress-testing of the business models and company financials to in-depth analysis of supply chain, operations, and corporate structure. This is the first step that every angel investor should take when considering an investment in any venture.

What do we offer?

We cover over eighty fundamental areas of the business. Our due diligence reports play a vital part in the decision-making process for our business angel clients. Only 50% of companies we inspect will pass our rigorous due diligence process. Having worked in most industries we are sector agnostic in our research, we focus on young ventures.

Every time we undertake due diligence for a client the route may differ, but the methodology remains resolute. A full due diligence report can take up to two months.

SEIS, EIS Investments

Nobody chooses to pay more tax than they should. We analyse and implement the relevant incentives to ensure you make the most of your investments.

The UK tax system offers some of the most generous investment incentives globally. Angel investors can get up to 50% tax relief through the following venture investment schemes: The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and managed Venture Capital Trusts (VCT). All three schemes are designed to help young higher-risk trading companies raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors. The amount and type of tax relief claimed will depend on the venture capital scheme used to invest in a company and certain conditions.

What do we offer?

We can help you to identify whether the investment will qualify for tax relief, support the company with the advance assurance applications and prepare the necessary forms for you to claim tax relief. We can also structure the investment to qualify for investment schemes.

Legal Advice and Onboarding

Having impartial but expert advice in a finely nuanced area helps you to fully prepare for a potential investment, and to get the best value, a benefit that is enhanced by our previous experience.

Corporate structuring is a process of identifying and negotiating the best company valuation, financing options and legal structure of the deal. Once the terms of the deal have been agreed by you, the next step is to conclude the necessary legal procedures and submit all statutory documents.

As an angel investor you will also require certain instruments to be set up to ensure visibility, an effortless information flow and full transparency. This is a vital part of the investment on-boarding process and good practice in portfolio management. Without adequate portfolio management tools and setup procedures, administration time can easily double.

What do we offer?

You receive full legal support and consultation on the valuation of a company, financing options and the corporate structure. We can also support the negotiations and substantiate your offer with previous deals facts and figures. Most of the time by working with us, angels secure a significant discount on company valuations. Our lawyers, accountants and operational advisers will ensure to complete the deal with all the necessary procedures and instruments ready to ensure a seamless day-to-day portfolio management for you.

Non-exec Director or Observer

It is important that you achieve and preserve as much clarity and transparency as possible when investing in an early stage venture.

On completion of a deal, normally, the business angel has a legal right to be represented on the board. An appointed observer can represent you and become your eyes and ears. They ensure that no information of merit slips by you. Our observers have the skills to steer management in the right direction during volatile times and will always act in your interests.

What do we offer?

In most cases, since Galaev & Co will have concluded the due diligence of the investee company, we will have a clear understanding of the business model, financials, and intrinsic knowledge of operational processes. It is a natural choice for our clients to appoint an observer to the investee company from the primary due diligence team.

Management Consultancy

Challenges need to be appraised; resolutions must be deftly delivered. When you have come so far down the investment journey, you should feel confident that your interests continue to be protected.

Management consultants solve business questions and help to improve performance by applying previous experience and knowledge. Investors often rely on them to fast-track the search for best solutions, growth and decision-making.

What do we offer?

In a word: experience. We serve a broad mix of private equity investors and investor-backed companies. Every year: we go through 300 business plans, execute over 50 full due-diligence projects and support completion of over 20 deals. We believe that we know young ventures well, hence we are well equipped to support your investment portfolio or company.

We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most ambitious goals. With our exposure, network, and reach, if there is an area where we dont possess particular expertise we know someone who has.

Most of the hurdles relating to early stage companies are similar in nature. Whether it is a choice of third-party fulfilment provider, suitable e-commerce platform or viable accounting system, our consultants have the expertise and answers for young ventures. They are better positioned than perhaps any other consultancy on the market due to their specific focus on emerging enterprises.

Portfolio Management

Busy investors often become adept jugglers. But when you need an extra set of steady hands, we help to make balancing multiple investments that bit easier.

As investors expand their portfolios, they have greater demands on their time, but also a more pressing need to be better informed. Not every detail can be automated, nor can every activity be so easily quantified. We help you to stay on track: of valuations, ROI, sector, and competitor analysis and with efficient scrutiny of the day-to-day running of companies.

What do we offer?

We deliver a variety of services that aim to be genuinely helpful. We can work closely with portfolio company leaders to guide you through any issues you may have it is likely we have encountered similar concerns before. These can range from areas as diverse as IT and finance, from marketing to pricing. We can act as the eyes and ears for investors, and as an intermediary to save you as much time as possible.

By ensuring that no critical operational and competitor details are overlooked, we offer you reassurance that your energy is well spent. In our experience 90% of queries can be resolved without investor involvement freeing up your attention so you can focus on strategic initiatives and where you can truly add value.


Timing is everything is a popular refrain. In business, knowing when to make a move, or to move on, demands an acute sense of timing. Yet timing can also mean not doing anything, summoning the patience to persevere, and waiting until the moment is right.

Every investor and entrepreneur must have an exit strategy in mind. In simple terms, this is a clear understanding of when is the right time to sell the business or stake in a company, identifying potential buyers and assessing the target valuation.

What do we offer?

We can support your portfolio companies with identifying the potential acquirers, negotiating the deal on your behalf, and executing the transaction.

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