Dashly is on a mission is to erode the UKs £21 billion gross national mortgage overspend (i.e difference between what people are and could be paying).

Consumers are spending billions more than they need to be, lenders are spending billions on marketing, instead of innovating and providing better mortgages and mortgage brokers are stuck in the middle of a dysfunctional market, watching price comparison sites boom.

Up to 44% of the UKs 10.8m mortgages are likely to be on the providers standard variable rate (SVR), which can be more than double the interest rate of the original introductory offer.

A homeowner with a £150,000 20-year mortgage loan on a typical SVR of 4.75% will have monthly repayments of £969; the same mortgage on a typical 2-year fixed rate remortgage deal of 1.25% will have monthly payments of £707.

Dashly's approach

Always-on comparison technology that takes a radically different approach to both working with - and scaling cost-effectively within - the existing ecosystem.

Rather than replace mortgage brokers and lenders, we empower them through technology. Dashly's platform is designed to track and continuously compare mortgages against the entire market, alerting users (and their mortgage advisers) whenever there is a realistic opportunity to save money - and after taking switching costs and any early repayment charges into account.

We dont like stress and we hate gimmicks. We thought you might be the same. Thats why Dashly is a comprehensive, start-to-finish, stress and gimmick-free mortgage tool.

We're delighted to have Stepan on the board.

Ross Boyd, founder
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